A floral aquatic fragrance with top notes of fresh marine, rose and sweet bergamot. Followed by a heart of hibiscus and lily and a base of mango, amber and musk. A solid perfume balm in a screw-lid tin. Contains approximately 10g. The solid wax resembles lip balm in texture, just apply a small amount on your skin and rub just until the heat of your skin has melted the balm. Best applied to the wrists, inside of the elbow, behind the ear and other pulse points. The solid perfumes are free of ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and mineral oils, equivalent to eau de parfum in strength and last approximately 3-5h on skin. Not tested on animals. Please note this is a handmade item and slight variations in colour may occur. This does not affect the quality of the product.

Aqua Solid Perfume