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A zesty fragrance with juicy mandarin, rhubarb and grapefruit, combined with milky coconut, bamboo, lychee, musk and vanilla. 

Comes complete with bottle and 5 fibre reeds. 

The diffuser contains 100ml and will last approximately 4 months. The fibre reeds are extra thick and very high quality, to ensure a strong scent distribution and luxurious look to suit any decor. 
Instructions: Take off the white plug from the bottle very carefully. You can discard this. Now place your fibre reeds inside. For best results, wait a few minutes and then flip your reeds. Your diffuser is ready! Remember to flip your reeds every now and again. 
Please note: 
- the strength of the scent highly depends on the size of the room it is placed in. If you find the scent too strong in a small area, you can take away one reed to get a more subtle scent. 
- do remember to flip your reeds every now and again, but be careful not to spill liquid on the bottle as this may affect the look of the label.

Bamboo & Coconut Reed Diffuser

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